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Photo references left to right as follows:

Top: original shack orientation, shack blows over, shack reoriented and porches added

Bottom: new room added, Butterflute Studios opens it's doors, tea and cookie table awaits tour participants


Valhalla Signworks was established in 2000 by Victoria Colella when she purchased the old boat lettering shack inside the Arques Shipyard, Sausaltio. With decades of experience as an artist, graphic designer and marketing communication specialist, sign making came naturally. Valhalla Signworks is now one of the most respected sign shops in the San Francisco Bay Area and also offers a wide range of graphic services including branding, logo design, illustration, web design and marketing materials.

History - The Power of Place and Tradition - (415) 332-6608

Built by 'Smitty' Roderick Smith 1n 1979, the shack hosted many a shipyard bash with sometimes as many as 50 people crammed into the tiny building. During one blustery storm, the shack was blown over and then later rotated into it's current orientation and a porch added to avoid future mishaps. The place passed hands in 1987 when Peter Kaul took over the boat lettering business to suppliment his gig as a bartender at the Sausalito Yacht Club. Peter sold the place in 1998 to his art teacher, Gary Lavarack. Gary daubled in boat lettering, but was mainly a highly skilled artist and 3D animator . He doubled the size of the shack to build Tonka Construction II for Hasbro here. Gary sold the shack to Victoria Colella in 2000 and Valhalla Signworks -Boat Lettering, Etc. was born. Butterflute Studios serves as an umbrella for Valhalla Signworks as well as the Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour and Butterflute's Wedding Chapel.



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